NAP- Our National resolve

National Action Plan (NAP) was implemented after APS Peshawar School attack when leadership of the nation stand united to wipe out terrorists and their hideouts. Government formed a federal counter-terrorism force on 26th December 2014 with immediate effect. Pakistan has been suffering from terrorism more than a decade and the only resolution left to deal them is NAP. This was the immediate action that was pending since last one decade.

Functioning on NAP isn’t done with true spirit as yet. It is not only job of law enforcement agencies (LEAs) to root out terrorism from the country, it is also job of political leadership, civil administration and judiciary too. It has been unfortunate for Pakistan that no terrorist was hanged since 2006 due to which terrorism established its roots country wide. If judiciary had taken responsibility and would had hang terrorists, there would had been no need of establishing military courts.

Political leadership and weak civil administration are responsible for unrest in cities like Karachi. Operations conducted by LEAs are completely apolitical and without any discrimination. NAP will be successful when all institutions will work together to root out terrorists from the country. NAP will not only root out terrorists from the country, but it will also root out extremists as strict action will also be taken against extremists. We all, as a nation, should show unconditional condemnation against terrorists and their apologists. Our aim should be to eliminate all those supporters who are ruining the repute of our motherland.

Improvement in law and order situation was seen after implementation of national action plan (that was approved after APS attack). NAP is now working in right direction. Rapid action on implementation of NAP is required to secure our people from barbarians. NAP is bringing stability in the country as there is 35% reduction in terrorist activities in urban areas and 20% reduction in FATA. 4132 IBOs (Intelligence based operations) were conducted from December 2014 to July 2015 and 4079 suspects were arrested. Economic progress is also being seen after implementation of NAP. KSE in 2014 was 31 billion but now in 2015 it is 57 billion. GDP growth rate increased from 4.03% to 4.24%.

Our beloved homeland is in state of war and we should be UNITED against terrorism. To defeat terrorism and to finish terrorists from our country, we all should support NAP because it is not a plan of an individual, political party or group but it is a SAY of whole nation.


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