Indian hunger for weapons

Throughout history of Indian foreign relations, it is seen that India has made friends in international community who supply weapons to it. India makes strong ties with US and Russia because it attains heavy weapons from them.

Like other defense deals that India has made, there is another agreement between Russia and India in which India will buy weapons of 7 billion dollars from Russia. Moreover forty eight MI-17 helicopters are being bought by India. The deal is signed during Indian Prime Minister Narendar Modi’s recent visit this december. India is seeking to have military and technical cooperation from Russia. Purchase of S-400 air defense missile systemsis of 2.5 billion. 2 submarines, 48 military transport helis and 150 armored fighting vehicles will be purchased too.

Other than this 7 billion worthy weapons, India had purchased military hardware from Russia of 4.7 billion dollars in 2014. 300 Russian MI-17 helicopters are with India already still it is seeking to have 48 more helis that shows the Indian hunger for weapons.

This deal will create imbalance in this region and is threat to regional peace. This defence deal makes it obvious that India wants to dominate and rule upon its neighbouring countries. It will generate race among regional countries to have more and more weapons. That is why this deal is threat to regional peace and security.

India needs to realize that more than half of its population is living their lives of poverty. It should had spent, rather invested, this 4.7 billion dollar on its human resource. And this defence deal will persuade Pakistan to spend its budget on weapons rather than human resource there by increasing poverty in this region.

Indian Russian defense collaboration is a warning for the peace of the region. This threat of India to have power to rule is needed to be highlighted by media. This Indian intention need to be exposed through electronic, print and social media. All these media platforms should give awareness about Indian plans of domination and authority.

Psychological propaganda dominance of India needed to overcome through proactive counter propaganda. There should be campaigns in print, electronic and social media to counter this propaganda and to expose Indian tactics to masses. Moreover, diplomatic channels need to be activated to create awareness of future scenario in the region which may have an impact on other countries too.


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