Pathankot Attack: Another fake plot

Incident of Pathankot air base attack occurred this Saturday on 2nd January 2016.  Instead of going into details, there is need to analyse the facts of this attack in order to find motive behind Pathankot attack.

The first point to ponder is why all the shops near Pathankot attack were being shut down a day before the attack occurred? One of the media channels showed interviews of local people of Pathankot who revealed that shops of the city were closed on Friday, 1st January 2016.

This incident was being highlighted by Indian media and propaganda was done by India through its channels that ISI was behind this attack. The reason of doing this whole drama is that Pakistan is now building its strong ties with Afghanistan. Moreover, Army Chief General Raheel Sharif has made it clear in his recent statement that 2016 will be last year for terrorists in Pakistan.

Strong ties of Pakistan with Afghanistan are threat for India as India used Afghan soil against Pakistan. Now, there would be decline of Indian influence in Afghanistan.

India need to realize that it has threat from its internal insurgencies rather than from Pakistan. Pathankot attack is similar plot designed by Ajit Doval and RAW as that of Indian parliament attack and 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Previously, former CBI official claimed that Indian government was behind parliament and Mumbai attack. By doing propaganda against Pakistan through designed dramas like Pathankot attack wont bring peace in this region. India need to address its internal insurgencies and poverty issues instead of doing propaganda against Pakistan.


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