Rehab work for IDPs

People of North Waziristan had to leave their homes due to terrorists of TTP (Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan). Pakistan Army launched ZarbeAzb against TTP on 15th June 2014. Pakistan Army looked after TDPs (temporary displaced people) of North Waziristan. TDPs were provided with food and shelter and were promised to be sent to their homes safely.

Last month Chief of Army Staff visited North Waziristan and was briefed on ongoing operation in North Waziristan and return of TDPs. He promised to continue the operation till total elimination of terrorists. Work of soldiers, their courage, determination and spirit of sacrifice in fight against terrorism and for safety of people is highly commendable. We, as a nation, need to appreciate their intense hard work for TDPs.

The network of terrorists and their linkages are being unearthed across country and this nexus needs be broken at all cost to bring enduring peace. For this, all of us especially politicians should not support any of them. For the security and peace, Army should remain in that area till completion of resettlement process.

Tribal people stand with Pakistan army. They paid rich tribute to Pakistan Army (when COAS visited North Waziristan) for successful operation and affirmed that with help of Army, terrorists will never be allowed to return in area.

Out of 2, 91, 827 families, 1, 08, 503(38%) have returned. 15% each from North and South Waziristan have returned. From Khyber 78%, Orakzai agency 34%, and Khurram 35%.  These people, who are returning home, will get Rs. 35000 per month along with six months ration.

The facilities in North Waziristan are being established to facilitate people for example there is 110 bedded Tehsil HQ Hospital in Mir Ali with state of the art equipment. Moreover, to enhance education standard and help locals to benefit from emerging socio-eco opportunities, there is construction going on for a cadet college in North Waziristan. A cricket stadium will be built soon in Khyber Agency and a sports complex is going to be established in North Waziristan. These developments show that IDPs will have a better life with peace and security. Due to peace in Waziristan, trade activities will flourish that will improve socio-economic life of people.


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