Why to drag Army in DHA scam?

Few days before there was hype in media about involvement of Former Chief of Army staff, General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani’s brother Kamran Kiyani in DHA scandal. Few journalists tried to relate former army chief in this scandal through social media.

Instead of writing details of DHA scam, i will focus on some facts in my blog. The DHA scam propaganda was started when 17 billion rupees scandal became public. Some people are dragging former army chief in this scandal though the allegations are on his brother.

General(R) Ashfaq Kiyani’s brother Brigadier Amjad Pervez Kiyan said that ex-Army Chief is not involved in DHA scandal, it is narrative to defame Kiyani brothers. Moreover, blaming Pakistan Army and dragging this prestigious institution in this scandal isn’t fair. If there are allegations of corruption scandal on a relative of ex-Army Chief then it doesn’t mean that PakArmy is involved in this corruption case.

Further more, COAS Raheel Sharif had given orders to NAB to start investigation in DHA valley scam and not to spare anyone. This proves the commitment of Pakistan Army against corruption. As soon as NAB completes the investigation, the culprits will be in front of all and punishment will be given to those who are responsible in DHA scam.

The decision of NAB to investigate and contain property of Kiyani brothers is a good move..but has any one thought so far when our dear politicians will be investigated for their corruption?


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