Rooting out Extremism!

20th January can be marked as another dark day when one of good educational institute of Pakistan i.e. Bacha Khan University Charsadda is attacked by terrorists. It is not attack on our innocent people, it is attack on our youth and education. Twenty people, including a young Chemistry teacher, lost their lives while all four terrorists were killed by army jawans.

This attack has raised many questions in minds of people. The first is that extremism still prevails in our society and terrorists are still getting financial help from our enemies. Extremism can be rooted out through education and this is where our enemy has hit us. They want our people away from education BUT we will not let them win. We will remove extremism from our society. Our enemies are sitting across the border but they execute their plans through these extremists. The executors of their plans are in our society and we need to find and eliminate them.

Unfortunately some Madrasas are breeding terrorists and there is need of their ruthless elimination. There is need of implementation of reforms in Madrassas to remove radical mindset from the students.

The solution to prevent attacks like this is implementation of National Action Plan. Analysts say that NAP is not fully implemented, only 6 out of 20 points are implemented. Implementation on NAP isn’t done with true spirit as yet by the Government. It is not only job of police or Army to root out terrorism from the country, it is also job of political leadership, civil administration and judiciary. No terrorist had been hanged, since 2006 until military courts were established, due to which terrorism established its roots country wide. If judiciary had hanged those terrorists there would had been no need of establishing military courts.

Lack of political will in political leadership and weak civil administration are responsible for non-implementation of NAP. Operations conducted by army are completely apolitical. NAP will be successful when there would be better co-ordination among all institutions. Better co-ordination among LEAs institutions will root out terrorists and extremists from the country. We all, as a nation, should pressurize our politicians to implement NAP so that we can get rid of extremism.

To fight against extremism, we need to promote education and it should be priority of Government to provide education to all the people. More and more people are educated, chances of radicalization in society will be reduced. Educational curriculum should be designed in a way that it can remove radicalization in our youth. It is the education that will root out extremism from our homeland Pakistan.


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