Sealing the Durandline

It’s been more than a decade since Pakistan is facing terrorism. The main reason why all efforts go in vain is that our western border is not sealed. Durand line is 2250 km long and there is need to seal this border. Media needs to start a debate for sealing of Afghan border to get rid of menace of terrorism.

Porous nature of border makes it impossible to monitor it or control cross border movement. The only feasible option is by sealing the Pak-Afghan border. This open border is dangerous for law and order and is also affecting economy of Pakistan. This border is used not only for terrorism but for smuggling and illegal trade. There is loss of 3 billion dollars annually to Pakistan’s economy.

There is nothing precious than peace and prosperity. If Government of Pakistan can afford construction of metro stations, orange line trains and motorways, there is no excuse in sealing of border because peace in Pakistan is first thing that will boost up economy.

There is need of increasing check points at Pak-Afghan border. Moreover, entry-exit at Durand line should be document-based with proper visa procedure. All Afghan refugees should be sent to their home country, Afghanistan, before sealing the border.

India sealed its borders with Pakistan long ago, but why Pakistan is not sealing border against Indian-sponsored war being conducted on our country. It is established that there are terrorists’ camps in Afghanistan and they get into Pakistan easily because there is no visa barriers for Afghans. The only possible way to control movement of terrorists across the border is by sealing the Durand line. The efforts of Pakistan army to bring peace in the country by ZarbeAzb and other military operations wont be fruitful until and unless security steps are being taken at Pak-Afghan border.

The main landmark, that Pakistan will achieve soon, is Pak-China economic corridor. For security of CPEC, it is essential to seal Afghan border. Increased number of entry-exit points are required to effectively control movement of Afghans.

Countries like US have sealed borders with Mexico just for economic reasons, while we are still reluctant after losing 70,000 people to this war on terrorism. Instead of spending money in projects like metrobus, Government should spend on sealing Durand line as this is one time investment and it will deliver peace and stability in Pakistan.


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