Kashmir Day

If you ask people today about importance of 5th February, you will find right answer from hardly anyone. The reason is people are not aware and sensitized about importance of 5th February, The Kashmir Day.

Kashmir is unfinished agenda of partition of India. If this dispute would had been resolved in 1947 or early years (after partition), South Asia wouldnt had seen wars between India and Pakistan (1948, 1965, 1971, 1999). It is the bone of contention between India and Pakistan and a big hurdle for peace in South Asia. As both countries are nuclear powers, the tensions at line of control or intention of war will be disastrous for this region. That is why Kashmir is said to be the nuclear flashpoint of South Asia. Security of South Asia is linked to peaceful settlement of Kashmir dispute.

The main question arises that as this is important dispute that is threatening world peace, then when will international community wakup for the solution of kashmir dispute? There is continous violation of human rights in Kashmir but International community is not taking notice of this dispute. There is need to stop India from human rights violation in Indian occupied Kashmir(IOK). India should understand that suppression will never silence the voices of freedom in IOK.

This dispute is already on table of United Nations. Plebicite is the only solution of Kashmir. Many resolutions are being passed still its all in vein. UN should implement security council resolutions on Kashmir.

International community should realize that Kashmiris will continue struggle till victory. Right of self determination is basic human right. Why Kashmiris be deprived of it? Pakistan is concerned about the plight of Kashmiris. That is why processions, and rallies are organized to show solidarity with Kashmir and all of us should participate in it so that Kashmiris will get to know that we stand firmly by them. International community will take notice of this dispute when it is highlighted in media. Now, its the duty of our media persons to take the attention of international media for this dispute.

This day is named as ‘Kashmir solidarity day’ because of its importance. It is jugular vein of Pakistan. Although, we consider it as a holiday and enjoy leisure time with our friends and family but the real purpose of making it a public holiday is that more and more people would show solidarity with Kashmiris by participating in public walk, gatherings or processions for Kashmir against Indian occupation.


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