India Supporting ISIS/Daesh

It might be a surprise for the so called ‘libidos’ but its true that India is supporting ISIS/Daesh.

Dear Libidos! do you know how?

Well just one reference of CAR’s (Conflict Armament Research) recent report is enough to shut the mouths of those who keep on chanting ‘Aman ki Asha’. The question raises: ‘How India Supports ISIS’?
India is among twenty countries who are supplying explosive components to ISIS. Bomb making components were all legally exported under government issued licences from India to IS related entities in Lebanon and Turkey.

Proves have been released by Conflict Armament Research (CAR). News are released on Indian website and the link to original report in PDF format can be seen from this link

Indian explosive companies are given licences by Indian Government for the explosive parts. Then they are smuggled to Daesh through Lebanon and Turkey. The companies involved are IDEAL Industrial Explosives, Premier Explosives, Chamundi Explosives, Economic Explosives, Rajasthan Explosives and Chemicals, Solar Industries
Gulf Oil Corporation.

As soon as CAR’s report is published, Hindustan times has started blaming Pakistan army through its report in which there is no proof of that blame. In order to sidetrack people’s attention, India is now using its media to divert the blame towards Pakistan.
Now the western world is giving proofs of Indian support to terrorists. This CAR’s report, which exposes India, was mandated by European Union. Majority of detonators recovered from ISIS are from India. Indian officials had already admitted that they use terrorism as a foreign policy tool. Most important officials among them are Foreign Minister and National Security Adviser.

Now the Libidos will say that there is involvement of nineteen other countries too that are also to be blamed. Well, involvement of other 19 countries does not make India innocent. India is involved in terrorism and India is exposed with proof.


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