Kashmiri women- Easy prey for Indian soldiers

You will find numerous reports that are reported in media with respect to human rights violation in Kashmir. It is evident from these reports that Indian soldiers are involved not only in killings of innocent civilians but also in rapes of Kashmiri women. Many rapes are not even reported.

Recently, student’s union President of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) has publicly spoken against Indian Army. He said: ‘Indian army rapes women in Kashmir’.

Bold students of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) have given great support to Kashmir. Indian public is now realizing the cruelty of Indian Army in Kashmir. Youth of JNU has raised their voice against women rights violation by Indian Army.

This year, on International Women’s day, student’s union president of JNU (New Dehli) raised voice about rapes of Kashmiri women which shows that public silence is now broken. Indian media has widely criticized it which shows that Kashmiri women have no voice. You will hardly see any report of violence against Kashmiri women in Indian media. Moreover, due to criticism by Indian media, eight students of JNU students’ union are facing charges from university for speaking the truth. They can be expelled from university now. Should  Kashmiri women have no voice on Women’s Day?

Indian author Arundhati Roy had already said “Indian Army uses rape as a weapon”.

Women are easy prey for Indian army. They rape women in Kashmir and hardly any of them dares to speak up and report to police. International media need to report this issue to spread this information to international community and international women rights organizations need to realize and push UN to take action.


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