Release of Shahbaz…

The month of March is has given good news to Pakistanis especially Taseer family. Mumtaz Qadri was hanged, and Shahbaz Taseer (son of Salman Taseer) was recovered after 4.5 years.

Shahbaz Taseer was recovered by law enforcement agencies from a hotel of Quetta on 8th of March 2016. He was missing since August 2011 after murder of his father (Salman Taseer). Now he is back to his home and murderer of his father (Mumtaz Qadri) is being hanged, Taseer family must be rejoiced due to this.

Different stories are floating in media about how Shahbaz Taseer was recovered. Some say that he somehow escaped from Taliban’s custody in Afghanistan. Some say he was released as a result of payment of ransom by family and some say the kidnapping group released him themselves and left him in Quetta’s hotel room. What actually happened to Shahbaz would actually be revealed by him himself. So far there is no official statement neither from him nor the officials. Whatever story it be, the reality is that Taseer family called security forces about his call (which proves that family trusts armed forces) and then he was recovered by law enforcement agencies. The credit goes to security agencies on his safe return.

Those libidos who raise questions on ZarbeAzb and National Action Plan (NAP) must realize that it was need to counter target killings and kidnappings that were going on since last few years. There was need to curb these activities of criminal and terrorist groups. Recovery of Shahbaz shows that how important it was to empower LEAs.

Instead of criticizing security agencies, we all should support them. Unity against terrorism and terrorist groups is need of time. Moreover, fruits of operations and IBOs (intelligence based operations) cannot be possible until and unless national action plan is fully implemented.


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