Pakistan will RISE!

Another 23rd March coming now..we will have another public holiday. But the thing that matters the most is how much we value this day. We need to recall this day to tell our children, our youth about Pakistan resolution.

Pakistan resolution was the major break through in Pakistan movement when Muslims decided to have their our homeland, Pakistan, under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The importance of this day will never doom as it served as benchmark in the history of Pakistan and lead towards the creation of Pakistan on world’s map on 14th August 1947.

Although Pakistan has been facing problems since its birth yet sailed through them. The problems are still prevailing for the nation but will survive because of the courageous people of the nation who have made this country proud around the world. The country is surviving due to sacrifices of our forces who always stood up when Pakistan needed them. Its because of hard work of all those Pakistanis who have kept this country moving forward in the right dimension.

It is obvious that terrorism has badly affected the country and its economy. More than seventy thousand Pakistanis have lost their lives and one hundred billion dollars loss is faced by country’s economy. Yet, Pakistan’s war against terrorism  has led the country to recover from terrorism.

After ZarbeAzb, it is seen that there is great fall down in terrorist attacks in Pakistan. Bomb blasts and terrorist activities have decreased. International media and channels have given reports of the progress of Pakistan made against terrorism. It is because of ZarbeAzb and implementation of National Action Plan. Moreover, the Intelligence based operations (IBOs) have helped in rooting out terrorists hideouts from urban areas too. Whether its Karachi operation or operation against banned outfits in Balochistan, LEAs (law enforcement agencies) have reached the targets successfully and the crimes have decreased in these provinces.

During last one decade, the Pakistani nation has seen tough time but the dark time is coming to its end. The parade is going to be held this year again which proves the success of these operations. We are moving towards prosperity. Fall down of suicide attacks and CPEC is proof of this. End of terrorists will bring peace not only in Pakistan but also in this region and will let Pakistan to rise infront of the world. Peace in Pakistan will prevail and Pakistan will rise and shine.


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