India exporting terrorism…

It can be a surprise for most of you but its reality that India is exporting terrorism not only to Pakistan but worldwide. Do you know how? India is doing this through RAW agents and exports explosives to ISIS (that is involved in global terrrorism). The arrest of Indian serving RAW officer, Kalbhushan Yadav, from Balochistan proves the fact that India can go to any extent to destabilize Pakistan. Home minister of Balochistan, Mr. Sarfraz Bugti, revealed this news on 24th March during a press conference. Yadav is said to have links with Baloch separatist groups that are destabilizing the province through their terrorist activities.

CAR’s (Conflict Armament Research) report is enough to prove ‘How India Supports ISIS’?
India is among 20 countries who are supplying explosive components to ISIS. Bomb making components were all legally exported under government issued licences from India to IS related entities in Lebanon and Turkey.

I have already written a blog about how India is supporting ISIS. Just click ‘HERE’

Another proof of Indian involvement in terrorism inside Pakistan is the statement given by TTP’s second in command Latif Ullah Mehsud who already claimed that India is financing and training terrorists in Pakistan.

The western world is giving proofs of Indian support to terrorists and CAR’s report, which was mandated by European Union, exposes India. Majority of detonators recovered from ISIS are from India. Indian officials already admitted that they use terrorism as a foreign policy tool. India’s Security defence adviser and former RAW officer, Ajit Doval, admits about India’s finance for terrorism in Pakistan. Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar’s admits himself about doing terrorism in Pakistan and using every mean to sabotage development in Pakistan (like CPEC project).

India does dramas itself like that of Mumbai attacks and then blames it on Pakistan by catching planted people like Ajmal Kasab. But Pakistan has caught a serving Indian Navy officer of RAW who is doing terrorism in Pakistan.

Media should expose and highlight these facts about India involvement in terrorism so that the world can get to know the real face of the so called ‘SHINING INDIA’.


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