Punjab operation!

27th March 2016..Blast in Gulshan-e-Iqbal park Lahore-another coward act by terrorists that taken away lives of seventy five people. This blast raised question mark on Government of Punjab that claims there are no terrorists nor their hideouts in Punjab. Moreover, the claims of PMLN with respect to excellent performance of Punjab police.

Operation in Punjab is need of time. When military can carry out operations against terrorists in Sindh, KPK, FATA, Balochistan then why not in Punjab. For the complete clean up of mess of terrorism from Pakistan, there should be operation in whole country without any discrimination and thats why authorities have decided to take action in province of Punjab.

In order to get rid of terrorists’ hideouts and their sympethizers, implementation of National Action Plan(NAP) is MUST. Due to the misguidance of government that there are no sleeper cells of terrorists existing in Punjab, there was a delay in implementation of NAP in Punjab so it was less effective. Now its clear that sleeper cells and no go areas do exist in Southern Punjab and police is not in that capacity therefore Army has to take the action with military intelligence agencies(i.e. MI, ISI).

Those who are comparing Karachi Operation with that of Punjab’s are mistaken. Both of these operations ae completely different. Punjab operation is against the sleeper cells of terrorists while Karachi Operation is against extortion, target killings, and kidnappings. Therefore a full fledged operation is required in Punjab and it will be executed by Pakistan Army. 

Peace in the country can only be achieved when the network of terrorists is broken. It will break when facilitators, financers and protectors of terrorists will be crushed. That is why operation in Punjab has to be executed.


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