Peace talks for stable Afghanistan

Peace in Afghanistan is required to ensure regional peace and stability. There is urgent need of talks between all stake holders of Afghanistan and that is why Pakistan stands for. Afghan peace talks. Afghan peace process is a gateway to stable Afghanistan and it will help in initiating peace in Afghanistan.

Pakistan is known to the importance of peace in Afghanistan. That is why China and US are validating this initiative. Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QCG) was formed that includes China and US along with Pakistan and Afghanistan. China is a member of the Quadrilateral Coordination Group that is promoting the peace process through talks. Although this process is at an early stage but this process is proceeding forward (though at slow pace).

Through operation ZarbeAzb, terrorists’ infrastructure in Waziristan is destroyed but TTP has made its hideouts in Afghanistan. There is need of joint military co-operation to end terrorism from this region. Pakistan has reiterated whole hearted support for Afghanistan and its leadership to bring peace in Afghanistan.

Afghan journalists are saying these days that President Ghani is leaning towards Pakistan and moving away from India. The reason for this can be the recent Pakistani aid for Kabul. Pakistan has given 500 million US dollars for roadwork, 45 ambulances, a hospital, educational scholarships and 300 buses and trucks. All of which is non-military aid, as Islambad is serious about extending its horizon for Afghans beyond military aid only. Few journalists say that these steps from Pakistan are aimed at lessening Indian influence in Afghanistan however it shows that Pakistan wants stability in Afghanistan because stability in Afghanistan will ensure stability in the region.

Pakistan is hosting millions of Afghan refugees since last three decades. Both countries can progress only if peace sustains. Afghanistan and other regional countries should realize the importance of peace talks because such is a rare occasion for restoring peace and it does not come every day.


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