CPEC ensures prosperity of Pak

Balochistan is one of the richest province of Pakistan because of natural resources and Gwadar Port. Balochistan is bordering the regions of the Middle East, Southwest Asia, Central Asia and South Asia providing the shortest route from seaports to Central Asia. The geo strategic location of Balochistan is very important and its location is the key for its progress. 

Pak-China Economic Corridor (CPEC) focuses on Balochistan and it will not only benefit Pakistan, but will also help in economic growth and development of whole region. There will be economic activity in Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Iran, Central Asian countries and it is connecting South and Central Asia as well Middle East.

Balochistan is gold mine and with such important geostrategic location, it has always been a threat for our neighboring countries. In order to disrupt CPEC, India is already funding proxies in Pakistan. Earlier it is being accepted by Indian foreign minister that India is fighting against Pakistan through terrorism. For peace and stability in this region, CPEC is important for flourishing economic activity in the region.

India should realize that 1/3 of this region’s population will be benefited from CPEC. Instead of funding proxies and sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan, India should focus on development of its population.

The developement of infrastructure in Balochistan is done by Army Engineers.In past two years,675 kilometers are completed and by  the end of this year, 875 kilometers road in Balochistan will be completed. Pakistan Army has taken guarantee of CPEC security as announced in COAS recent address. CPEC is reflection of Pakistan and China friendship, will be truly realized whatever it takes. This year, Pakistan will move cargo from China to Gwadar. 

The insurgency in Balochistan, which is caused by separatists groups (i.e. BLA, BLF etc) is being successfully dealt with operations conducted by FC Balochistan and it has forced the separatists to run away from Balochistan. Many insurgents have surrendered themselves and committed to not work against State anymore. Along with these operations. CPEC is the best initiative for progressing Balochistan, and this could not have been possible without armed forces contribution.


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