Zero tolerance policy

The decision of Punjab operation is the right step in the right direction. When there is across the board operation in KPK, FATA, Sindh and Balochistan then why not in Punjab? This question was raised by many before launch of operation in Punjab. There is need of removal of hideouts of banned outfits in Punjab and that is why authorities took this decision.

The current situation of Pakistan demands zero tolerance against all criminals, extremists and terrorists. There should be zero tolerance for all criminals. There are some areas in southern punjab that are needed to be cleared. The operation against ‘Chotto Gang’ is one example. The police started this operation and it was taken into control by jawans of Pakistan Army. Chotto gang has now surrendered to Pakistan Army and all the 24 hostages(police officers) are rescued safely. The geography of this gang’s hideout(Kacha that is in Rajanpur) served as safe hideout for the criminals. That is why it took more than twenty days for law enforcement agencies to end operation against Chotto gang.

Law enforcement agencies should go after every gang and criminal group in Punjab. There is a chain followed in terrorism. Criminals form gangs, gangs do task given by their masters and ultimately they merge up with terrorists and provide them hideout. The Government should follow same zero tolerance policy and give no space to criminals and gangs. The firm action by the Government and army will lead towards sustainable peace in Punjab. Moreover, there is need to break this network in order to bring peace and stability in Pakistan.



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