Army Chief leading from the front

Since taking the hold of his office, Pakistan Army chief is working day and night and leading not only the army, but also the whole country. Pakistan had been facing menace of terrorism since last fourteen years. When General Raheel took oath of his office, Pakistan was facing bomb blasts and suicide attacks and path of peace talks was being followed in order to bring peace in the country but all the efforts went in vein due to continuous violation from TTP and related groups.

After Karachi Airport attack on 15th June 2014, Pakistan army launched operation ZarbeAzb. Within one and a half years, more than 4000 terrorists have been killed, TDPs are going back home, and security situation in the country is far better than it was 2 years before. The country wide operations especially in Karachi and Punjab have brought positive change in society. The commitment of army chief to bring peace in Pakistan is obvious. That’s why the world lauds Pakistan Army and COAS.

On 25th April, COAS awarded most prestigious Jordanian medal of merit for his remarkable courage in leading Pakistan Army against various threats specifically terrorism and for regional peace.

This award is not award for one person, it is award for whole nation as whole nation has fought against terrorism. There is need of unity among us… there is need of unity against extremism and terrorism…there is need to stand up for this country…only then we will stand in global community. It is not job of one person to do everything..all of us need to do our job to take our country in right dimension.

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