Why Ban on Maalik?

It is a surprise to hear that Government of Pakistan has banned Pakistani movie ‘MAALIK’. Previously, it was banned by Sindh Government and later on Federal government announced its ban nation wide. However, KPK government has stated that there will be no Ban on Maalik in KPK province.

It is a surprise for all that a Pakistani movie is banned in Pakistan itself. Although there is no ban on Indian movies that are anti-Pakistan but there is ban on Pakistani movie. Anti-Pakistani, Indian movies like Phantom and Aik tha Tiger were released and never faced ban in Pakistan however a movie that exposed real face of politicians got ban in Pakistan. Can authorities tell why MAALIK is banned? Are politicians scared of being exposed? Is this the real face of politicians thats why they have banned Maalik?

The reason of ban told is that the CM (in the movie) is shown as Sindh’s CM and he is killed by his guard in same way as Mumtaz Qadri killed former Governor Punjab Salman Taseer. The argument in its response is that the body guard of CM in Maalik is retired soldier not a serving as Mumtaz Qadri was. Moreover, politicians are shown as corrupt and criminals in Hollywood movies like shooter, dark knight rises..these hollywood movies were never banned. A question arises here is why cant Lollywood movie got a ban on showing politicians as corrupt? A perfect phrase for Maalik’s ban is: چور کی داڑھی میں تنکا

The maker of this movie, Aashir Azeem, has challenged the ban in Sindh High Court. The petition is accepted and public hopes that court will remove ban on the movie. Why activists who used to chant about ‘Freedom of speech’ now silent? If we want to have freedom of speech in our country then there should be no ban on our movies.

Keeping aside the political part, MAALIK has promoted patriotism and values. Being a Pakistani citizen, this country has right on us and we need to own our country. The most famous line of this movie that summarizes its whole idea is: میں پاکستان کا شہری، پاکستان کا مالک ہوں


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