Orlando Shooting

Orlando shooting is considered to be 2nd worst attack in US after 9/11 that took away lives of around fifty people and fifty people got injured. The shooter, Omer Mateen, was Muslim by faith. This incident saddened everyone and that’s why Muslim community holded gatherings to show unity with victims of Orlando shooting.

It is renowned saying that terrorism has no religion. A terrorist activity by one individual who is muslim by faith doesn’t mean that whole muslim community is responsible for it.

Few media groups trying to prove that Omer Mateen, Orlando shooter, is Pakistani however he has Afghan origin and the anti-Pakistan Afghan political show on Dari TV was run by his father. It is revealed by many international papers that Omer Mateen is of Afghan origin but Indian media trying to viral the thread that he was from Pakistan. Indian paid journalists and activists have tried to malign the truth but it is obvious that proving him Pakistani terrorist is propaganda against Pakistan.




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