EDHI means humanity

8th of July turned out to be sad day for Pakistan when the news of Abdul Sattar Edhi’s death spread all over like fire. He was father of many orphans and hope for hundreds of poor souls. He was real man to whom we can talk about proudly out of Pakistan. His services for humanity are priceless and his tireless work need to continue.

If we rank Jinnah asthe father of the nation and Fatima Jinnah as mother of the nation, then Abdul Sattar Edhi is the very soul of this nation. The one person a Pakistani could take pride in despite of the fact that the country is passing through tough time and facing bad leaders and Government. Edhi was the shining light in all the darkness and the hope that everything would be all right. There is no one who can resist to be fan of Edhi and if you truly want to mourn Edhi, dont stay at home …just go and donate to the Edhi foundation. Moreover, follow what he did..follow humanity….help people in whatever capacity you can.

I wonder why people are asking for medals and accolades and to rename Islamabad airport on his name. If you do, then you never understood him because he stands above all of this. The man never wanted these, all he wanted to do was serve humanity. If you want to remember him, be good to your fellow human and be good.

Edhi meant humanity, he never wanted recognition, he never took money from political organizations or countries. He knew how to navigate for his humanitarian work and that is Pakistan.

For Edhi, everyone was equal. Didn’t matter if you were rich or poor or belonging to a different sect or religion or political party. Following this legacy can remove sectarian violence and extremism from Pakistan. He was the best and richest of us all. Don’t turn him into a saint, he was a human being and maybe the only one in this country. Be like him.


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