Indian Terror Nexus

The world needs to realize the real face of Indian terrorism behind its slogan of ‘Shining India’. Either it’s about terrorism in Indian Occupied Kashmir(IOK), support to ISIS, terrorism in Srilanka through Tamil Tigers or its terror attacks of Afghanistan…we see Indian involvement in this. 

India follows ideology of Chankiya.. use terrorism as tool to destabilize Afghanistan and then spread rumours against Pakistan. RAW has linkages with terror groups like ISIS, TTP and with its terror nexus tries to destabilize Afghanistan and Pakistan. Indian consulates in Afghanistan are providing safe havens to TTP terrorists. 

The arrest of Kulbushan Yadav and NDS agent by Pakistan intelligence agencies prove the nexus working to destabilize Pakistan. Another proof of Indian involvement in terrorism inside Pakistan is the statement given by TTP’s second in command Latif Ullah Mehsud who already claimed that India is financing and training terrorists in Pakistan.

CAR’s (Conflict Armament Research) report is sufficient to prove ‘How India Supports ISIS’? India is among 20 countries that are providing explosive components to ISIS. Bomb making constituents were all legally exported under government issued licences from India to IS related entities in Lebanon and Turkey. Indian explosive companies are given licences by Indian Government for the explosive parts. Then they are smuggled to Daesh through Lebanon and Turkey.

CAR’s report verifies that now the western world is giving proofs of Indian support to terrorists. CAR’s report, which exposes India, was mandated by European Union. Majority of detonators recovered from ISIS are from India. Indian officials had already admitted that they use terrorism as a foreign policy tool. Most important officials among them are Indian Foreign Minister and National Security Adviser.

In short, India is spreading terrorism not only in Pakistan but throughout the world. Here comes the responsibility of media. Media should expose and highlight these facts about India involvement in terrorism so that the world can get to know the real face of the so called ‘SHINING INDIA’.


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