Pak-Afghan border..insecure?

The country is not secure until and unless its borders are secure. The security at its borders ensure peace, stability and progress. Unfortunately, Pakistan has hostile neighbours due to which its borders need to be secured.

Pakistan is facing terrorism and the success of ZarbeAzb will fade away if the western borders are not safe. Although operation ZarbeAzb has improved the situation of the country  but the infiltration of terrorists from western border hasnt stopped. There are TTP hideouts and influence of RAW in NDS. TTP terrorists are hiding under umbrella of Indian consulates in Afghanistan and this fact cannot be denied. Moreover, there had been persistent allegations from Afghanistan on Pakistan with respect to Haqqani network.

The solution of resolving the movement of terrorists is border management. As a good will gesture, Pakistan has handed over Angoor adda to Afghan forces but Torkhem issue brought back the conflict situation again.

No doubt, its not easy to fence or seal 2430 Kilometers long Pak-Afghan border but making check posts can control the movement of people from both sides of the border. Border management will help to root out entrance of terrorists at border. Controlled movement will assist in ruling out the false allegations of Afghanistan.

Last month, authorities have released the news that they have built 1100 kilometers long tench at Pak-Afghan borders in last three years. Authorities say that 25 kilometers long trench at Torkhem border will secure the entry and exit of people. Besides fencing, proper documentation and visa for people is important. Previously, Afghans use to move in Pakistan without any visa or document. Now, there is need of proper documentation and registration of Afghanis to ensure security of the country.

Afghanistan should realize that Pakistan is hosting millions of Afghan refugees for more than three decades. Pakistan and Afghanistan share similarities in cultures and traditions. Pak-Afghan ties will be more stronger if cross-border movement of militants is controlled. This is one of the most sticking points in the Pak-Afghan relations. Illegal crossing is a main contributor to terrorist activities in Pakistan. The step was taken by the Pakistan army to control exit and entry, and is likely to pave the way for both countries to collectively curb illegal border crossing.


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