A real HR Activist?

The recent petition of Ms. Asma jahangir against ISPR has raised questions on herself. It looks like a plotted reply of PMLN as Maryam Nawaz’s social media cell is being exposed previously. Her anti-army propaganda is never ending and always ready to spit out poison against military. However, her stance is very soft towards India and always silent on Indian atrocities in Kashmir. 

Ms. Asma is fighting against national interests and give favour to those who ask for support from state’s enemies. Asma Jhangir is the lawyer who defended Hussain Haqqani, stood against military courts, she was the same lawyer to defend Altaf hussain in 2015. What good else can people expect from her? Now she is trying to come under attention by filing this silly case against ISPR in Supreme Court.

How do the human rights of people are affected if ISPR is operating radio channels? Is it a tactic to create clash between two important pillars of state i.e. Judiciary Vs Army. The response of general public is against her on this issue and this issue will die down within few days as many other important issues are in media stream. 
There are few questions that our media should ask Asma Jahangir…

Why Asma Jahangir had no problems with Fazlullah’s FM radio in Swat but wants an answer for ISPR’s radio channels? She gave no statement against TTP radio station but has issue with ISPR radio stations that are working for the state benefits.

Every department of Government needs to put in its efforts for the state but we see only Pakistan army working for the state. Isnt it ISPR who is doing work of Information ministry and other state departments for the promotion of pro-Pakistani work?
ISPR is doing its job then why people like Aasma Jahangir criticizing it when it is doing its job up to the mark? Looks like she is working on someone else’s agenda and that agenda in interest of Pakistan.

As far as the question of finance for media projects of ISPR are concerned like films, dramas etc, it is from the generated funds of previous films made by this department. Moreover, the ministry of defence knows each and every project of ISPR.


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