Another Martial Law?

Few days back, Turkey coup attempt was foiled by Turkish people. Turks refused military coup and stood by their elected President. 300 people lost their lives and more than 3000 people including soldiers, judges and others were arrested.

Turkey’s history is similar to Pakistan with respect to martial law. The martial laws in Pakistan were imposed because of the critical situation of the country. The incapacity of our politicians and their corruption has always disappointment people as a result of which they want army to take over. The development and governance during military rule is far better than civilian government. That’s why people keep chanting for martial law.

After failed military coup in Turkey, Imran Khan’s statement that Pakistanis will celebrate if military takes over is logical. The Government has failed to deliver basic necessities of life to people. Absence of PM from country for more than forty days, Panama leaks, corruption has lowered down the hopes of people.

The situation of Turkey and Pakistan is different. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has done a lot of work for Turkey. Turkey was facing heavy loans when he took over but today Turkey has no international loans on it. The foreign policy of Turkey today is more versatile and friendly which has paved its way towards progress and development. That’s why people of Turkey came out on call of their President and 100 people gave their lives. However, the situation of Pakistan with respect to loans and basic necessities of life is becoming worse day by day. If there is martial law imposed in Pakistan, do you think any one will come out against it on call of PM Nawaz? Think…of course, NO.

The banners movement this month asking COAS to take over the country raised confusion among people. There was negative propaganda as soon as these posters were displayed all over the country. The propaganda was that army is behind this and few media houses spread this propaganda. It was officially clarified that Pakistan army or any affiliated organisation has nothing to do with banners having pictures of Raheel Sharif and urging him to impose martial law and take control of the country.

Pakistan army never wants to impose Martial Law in the country because today its first priority is removal of terrorism and its working with Government. Civil-military relations are going smoothly. Its better that our leaders would realize their responsibility and come upto the hopes of the people.



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