NAP napping under PMLN

National action plan was formed after APS Peshawar attack with the aim to remove terrorism and extremism from our country. The actions have been taken by Pakistan army for NAP but there is very slow response from civil administration for the implementation of NAP.

Yesterday PM Nawaz held a meeting on NAP without Army Chief which make it a suspicious meeting.Was the meeting secretive? why only DG ISI made it to the meeting whereas the security of the entire country has been looking after by COAS.

Any meeting without COAS will be fruitless because he is the man who has actually brought about security in this country. Absence of Army Chief in high level meeting on internal security has raised the point of hidden Goodbyes by the Government. So the government is trying all efforts to make the public realize that Gen. Raheel Sharif is about to go and the security of the entire country will be under government control. COAS absence in the meeting looks like an intentional move by PMLN. PMLN wants to give a message of civil leadership seriousness in implementing NAP while COAS ominously missing. While nation is supporting COAS efforts, PM wants to undermine it by such acts. Moreover, Chaudhry Nisar’s announcement of COAS upcoming meeting is termed as an excuse to his yesterday’s absence.

This was the most important meeting of NAP and media is discussing that COAS was not invited though he has led this entire campaign of which NAP is just one piece. Few have commented that govt has shooted itself in the foot by not inviting Army Chief and tried to give an impression as if they have been and are leader in this war. Govt has tried to show off their muscles and probably tried to give an impression that Gen. Raheel era is coming to an end and Government is in control of all existing power corners. 


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