Modi-The Indian Juggler!

The speech of Indian Prime Minister on Indian Independence day, that was 90 minutes long, looked like a focused speech on issues of Pakistan instead of India itself. Mr. Modi needs to worry about instability and state-inflicted violence in northeast India.

India has no right to celebrate her independence day when she denies the same to Kashmir. The Indian atrocities in Kashmir are inevitable infront of world. India is trying to run away from harsh reality of its failure in Kashmir. This shows the frustration of Indian prime minister as he has nothing else to say and to keep his people happy. He may try to divert attention from the Indian atrocities and brutality but Kashmir will still have their right of self determination.

Indian National flag fell off from post, on Indian independence day (15th Aug,2016), when Chief Minister Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti tried to unfurl it. It was shame for India and it symboloizes that India cannot cover the killing of innocent people. Realities remain reality Kashmir bleeds more even today. To mention Baluchistan in his (Modi’s) speech, which is recognized part of Pakistan is diplomatic blunder it can sooth the crowd but it has high repercussions when Pakistan already claims Indian involvement. Statement of Indian prime minister on Indian independence day proves India fomenting terrorism in Balochistan.

Instead of worrying about Balochistan, India needs to focus instability and state inflicted violence in northeast India. The best possible way to resolve Kashmir dispute is plebiscite according UN resolutions on this dispute.


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