Why to Ban MQM?

The hate speeches of MQM leader, Altaf Hussain, mostly create fuss in political environment of not only Karachi but also in Pakistan. Altaf Hussain is in self exile since 1992 and staying in London (got political asylum). Since last 23 years, this person is threatening Pakistan from London, though he is a British nationality holder as well.

People know about the activities of MQM and how they have damaged peace of Karachi. Ransom kidnappings and target killing criminals were arrested already by Rangers from Nine-Zero office Karachi last year.

Altaf Hussain provokes MQM workers through his speeches. Muhajir card is being used by MQM and people are misguided by saying that MQM is working for the protection of rights of Muhajirs, though reality is totally opposite. Muhajirs are Pakistanis now and Pakistani Government is responsible for their rights.

For conducting speeches of MQM chief, crowd is being gathered by MQM workers (by force) and media is said to cover his (Altaf) speeches. The point to note is that anti-state and anti-army speeches are being done from London and hate is spread among masses through these speeches.

Recently, MQM chairman did anti-Pakistan speech and chanted ‘Pakistan Murdabad’. He ordered his workers to attack Rangers’ headquarter. Altaf’s hate speech resulted in attack at media houses of ARY and Samaa due to which Rangers had to raid nine-zero MQM office. Can any patriotic Pakistani create such chaos? Ofcourse NOT. Only traitors can do such shameful acts. 

MQM party workers should realize how their head is exploiting them. No patriot can do such acts. Altaf is doing such acts being a British national. British government should take action against him and should punish him as per law. Moreover, Government should Ban MQM as this is not a political party, it is just a group that is spreading terrorism in Karachi.


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