PakSaudi Strong Ties

Pakistan has always stood by Saudia Arabia whenever it needed defence co-operation. Whether its in case of Arab Israel war or when the Holy Kabba was made hostage, Pakistan has proved itself as brother of KSA. Today both the countries are facing IS threat and by co-operating with each other, they can get rid of this threat.

Terrorism has badly affected Pakistan. Loss of more than 70,000 lives and a hundred billion dollar economical loss. ZarbeAzb was started by Pakistan army on 15th June 2014 after Karachi airport attack to combat terrorism. The operation is still ongoing and extended to all the country to end terrorism. The world, today, is appreciating successes of operation ZarbeAzb. This experience is helpful for KSA too as KSA is facing the threat of terrorism. The Madina attacks in KSA is alarm for Saudi Government to take necessary steps. Both nations are confronting threat from Daesh, they can help each other to get rid of it. Terrorism is a global threat, Pakistan has been successfully fighting against it and aims to have cooperation from Saudia Arabia.

Arrival of Saudi defence minister Muhammad Bin Salman (on a short visit) shows that both the countries are looking forward for serious defence co-operation. He has met Prime minister Nawaz Sharif as well as  Army Chief General Raheel Sharif. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have been great friends and Pakistan will stand with Saudi Arabia in case they face any danger.



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