Defence day: National Passion

6th September reminds us of Pakistan’s Defence day, also famous as Youm-e-Difa. It is celebrated in the memory of martyrs who gave sacrifices of their lives (in 1965 War) for the defence of the motherland.

The first thing that comes to mind with respect to Defence day is nation’s victory….nation’s victory on 6th September 1965. It was not only the victory of armed forces, but was victory of whole nation. The way our armed forces fought against India went possible because whole nation was backing them. 6th September 1965 will always remain, no doubt, the day of victory for Pakistan.

In 1965 war, Pakistan Army knocked out the Indian army and captured their vehicles, destroyed their tanks and captured Indian territory. Similarly, our Air Force shot down Indian jets and forced them to surrender.

It was the unity of the nation that led down our enemies and led us towards success in 1965 war. Today, we need to realize how this victory was possible. We need to think how this victory was achieved. No doubt, the sacrifices of our soldiers had shaken the enemy’s army but main factor (that cannot be denied) was of national UNITY.

There is need to sensitize our people about our heroes, about those unsung personalities who have done a lot for Pakistan. People need to be sensitized about the martyrs who gave sacrifices of their life (in 1965 War) for the defence of the motherland.Currently, we are in dire need of national unity because we are in state of war against terrorists. To defeat terrorism and to end terrorists from our motherland, we all should support our armed forces and LEAs. We dont need terrorists’ apologists and their sympathizers. Political parties and people from all circles need to unanimously support LEAs.

6th September is the day of recalling our victory…it is the day of remembering our martyrs. We are proud of our soldiers who give their lives whenever motherland needs. There are many unsung soldiers who embraced shahadat for our country. They are fighting terrorists and saving Pakistan from threats and terrorism.


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