Kashmir calls for Justice….

Kashmir dispute is the main bone of contention between India and Pakistan. Its been more than sixty years, this dispute is still remained unresolved. People of Kashmir are facing continuous human rights violation by Indian armed forces. Kashmiris want freedom from Indian atrocity and want resolution of this dispute according to UN resolutions.The continuous delay on non-implementation of UN resolution raises question mark on India.

Recently, Malala Yousufzai has raised voice for people of Kashmir. The extremist approach of current Modi’s Government is obvious and is seen during the recent violence in Kashmir when many innocent people are injured. The death of Burhan Wani incited unrest in Kashmir and 48 Kashmiris lost their lives and hundreds have lost their vision due to pellet gun shots during protests.

Statement of Indian High commissioner Gautam Bambawale on Pakistan’s day of defence gives hint that India want to sideline Kashmir dispute. He said:’Forget Kashmir and focus on trade’. This shows the policy of Modi’s Government. India is not serious in resolving this dispute while Pakistan is ready to sit on table and resolve it.

Apart from Government officials, Army Chief Gen.Raheel Sharif highlights the importance of Kashmir in his speeches. Yesterday, he highlighted it on his defence day speech giving tribute to the great sacrifices of the people of Indian held Kashmir for their right of self determination. He also said in his speech that Pakistan will continue to support Kashmir on the diplomatic and ethical fronts.

Modi’s government need to realize that Indian army cant stop freedom struggle of Kashmiris. 43000 Kashmiris have lost their lives, 10000 are missing and 341 were killed in custody…still it seems that International community and human rights organizations are not putting enough pressure on India. The international community should stand up and should put pressure on India to conduct plebiscite in Kashmir according to United Nations’ resolutions as it is the solution to resolve this dispute.


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