Where ZarbeAzb stands after 2 years?

Operation ZarbEAzb was started two years ago on 15th June 2014 after Karachi Airport attack. The main motive behind ZarbeAzb was to completely eradicated terrorism from Pakistan. Ammunition of TTP was recovered and their network was destroyed.

Terrorists and their network were crushed in North Waziristan which brought reduction in terrorist attacks country wide. Zero tolerance policy was made and action was taken against all terrorists without any discrimination.

In the mean time, Operation Khyber was started on October 2014 and was carried out till February. 900 terrorists were killed in Khyber operation. Shawal was the last heaven for terrorists which has been cleared now. It was the toughest area to be cleared and it has been completely cleared from terror elements. 3500 terrorists have been killed so far in ongoing operations. 537 Soldiers have embraced martyrdom during zarbeazab while 2272 have been injured.

Country wide operations, including Karachi operation and intelligence based operations were launched to remove sleeping cells of terrorists from urban areas. 168 combing operation have been conducted in a country. 6 TTP leaders pledged alliances to daesh on Jan ,2015. 309 people have been caught who had links with ISIS.

Arrest of Kalbushan Yadav, RAW officer, from Balochistan was a great achievement of LEAs. Kalbushan’s network has been identified and across border interference has been confirmed.

There has been tension at Pak-Afghan border due to violation by Afghan forces. Now, Afghanis have officially apologized for firings at the post. There is need of effective border management system at Pak-Afghan border. DG ISPR said in his recent press conference that border management will be established region.18 crossing points,100 check posts will be made.

It is believed that ZarbeAzb will revive economy in terror stricken areas. 66 % of IDPs have returned to their areas. Various infrastructure projects have been completed in FATA like roads. Now there is plan to build new schools,colleges,universities in FATA region.


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