The booming Pakistani Media…

Media is the fourth pillar of the state and this tells about the importance of media. Although there had been restrictions on Pakistani media in the past but we can see boom in Pakistani media during General Pervez’s time. The influx of private media houses brought change in Pakistani media.

The freedom given to Pakistani media is far more than rest of the world. There is media regulation and restrictions even in West forexample US and Indian media cannot speak against their armies and intelligence agencies. However, we can see few faces continuously criticizing Pakistan Army. Media need to realize its limits. There should be constructive criticism, the criticism just to malign image of national institutions should be discouraged.

I wonder why few journalists complain about non-freedom of media in Pakistan. These face are very few but they try to create propaganda in order to multiply their say. In war zones, due to the security of journalists, their free movement is restricted. That is why limitations are there in Waziristan due to ongoing operations.

Instead of maligning facts about Pakistan army, media need to focus on staying neutral and realize the importance of showing positive image of Pakistan. Responsible reporting is the need of time today. Whenever I see news bulletin these days, I feel as if the focus of Pakistani media is on projecting negative side of Pakistan for example terrorist attacks, crimes, political turmoils etc. News Channels only talk about politicians and politics instead of showing brighter side of Pakistan.  We hardly hear or see any news with respect to successes of law enforcement agencies for their fight against terrorists and their activities.

It is highly disappointing that our media doesn’t work according to national priorities. If we see the foreign media houses, each media house works according to national priority of its own homeland. They support their armed forces; they telecast their forces’ achievements again and again. On the other hand, this spirit lacks in our Pakistani media.



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