Dear UN, assert yourself…

The focus of international community nowadays is ongoing UN General Assembly session. Prime minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif is going to address UN on Wednesday. The increasing atrocities of Indian forces in Kashmir need to be given attention by the world, yet ignorance of this dispute can lead towards threat to regional peace.                            

Its been more than six decades that there is delay in resolving Kashmir issue. Kashmiris are facing continuous human rights violation by Indian armed forces. India denies UN access to Kashmir while there is continuous human rights violation in IOK. People of Kashmir want freedom from Indian atrocity and its really sad to see the propaganda their peaceful freedom is being terrorism. 

The main reason of tensions between India and Pakistan is Kashmir. Its an unfinished agenda of subcontinent. Despite of UN resolutions for plebiscite in Kashmir, there is continuous delay from India. T

India want to divert world’s attention from Kashmir issue and recent Uri attack is example of this. While India’s occupation army is a fair target in Kashmir, this Uri Attack is India‘s attempt to distract UN focus from Kashmir Uprising. Uri Attack appears as planned one to target Pakistan and divert world attention from India’s atrocities in Occupied Kashmir. 

India is killing children in Kashmir, running towards Kabul to annoy Pakistan,and then staging Uri Attack as well. Immature State with nukes. India wants to exploit UriAttack to bury Kashmir Uprising. The main target of India is to take attention away from real issue of Kashmir’s Human Rights Violations. More than 100 Kashmiri Muslims killed in last two months and biased Indian media remained silent but now going crazy over UriAttack. This attack can be a false flag operation of Indian army; a ruthless tactic to divert attention ahead from UNGA meeting.

43000 Kashmiris have lost their lives, 10000 are missing and 341 were killed during their custody…still it seems that International community and human rights organizations are not putting enough pressure on India in current UN session. UN should stand up and assert itself on India to conduct plebiscite in Kashmir according to United Nations’ resolutions as it is the solution to resolve this dispute.



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