Cunning Indian policy for Pakistan

It is very unfortunate that whenever there is any terrorist attack in India, they raise fingers on Pakistan. Instead of doing unbiased investigation, it is seen culture in India that there is blame game.

Ongoing UNGA session is focus of international community as well as international media. The anti-Pakistan statement by India’s DGMO (Director General Military Operations) is serving as fuel between India-Pakistan relations. Besides DGMO’s statement, we see time to time statements from Indian officials to attack Pakistan that shuns the peace talks between Pakistan and India. 

It looks like India want to divert world’s attention from Kashmir dispute and recent Uri attack is perfect illustration of this. This Uri Attack is India‘s strive to distract UN focus from Kashmir Uprising. Uri Attack appears as planned one to target Pakistan and divert world attention from India’s atrocities in Occupied Kashmir. It can be a tactic to divert attention of ongoing UNGA session.

The continuous non-cooperation policy of India has lead towards blockage in ‘Aman ki Asha’. Kashmir is unfinished agenda of sub-continent and the major bone of contention between India and Pakistan. It is threat to regional peace and main reason of weapon race of this region.

There is continuous human rights violation by Indian forces in Indian occupied Kashmir(IOK). That is why Kashmir is the focal point of Prime minister’s speech in UN. Pakistan has always welcomed peace talks with India. Instead of doing blame game and keep continuing with the cunning policies against Pakistan, India should sit on table with Pakistan and resolve all the issues including Kashmir dispute.


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