What a speech Ms. Swaraj..

Modi Sarkar has played another melodrama through their foreign minister’s speech in UNGA session. Threatening Pakistan for isolation is a joke that India is doing with its own people.

The speech of Sushma Swaraj has got no attention so far  international impact so far. Referring to Pakistan’s province of Balochistan, during her speech, is a violation of UN principles and International law.

By mentioning Balochistan in UNGA session, India is trying to divert world attention from its atrocities on Kashmiris in Indian Occupied Kashmir but this Indian intention is of no use. If Kashmir is an ” integral part of India, then why is it on the Agenda of Security Council?”

From military action to surgical strike to stopping Indus river flow, the Indian Government looks scared. Narendra Modi should realize that he cannot rule India the way he ruled Gujarat. Threatening Pakistani artistes to leave India is crass lumpen behavior that is characteristic of the gutter politics that is thriving today. 37% of young adult illiterates of world are in India and its population of illiterate adults 287 million. Almost half of India’s 1.2 billion people have no toilet at home and 49.8% people defecate in the open. 1/6th of the country i.e. 200 million Indians don’t possess any of the basic assets like a transistor or TV, phone, vehicle or any kind of computer. More than 90 million people in India make less than 1 US $ per day, setting them below the global poverty threshold. Number of people living in slums is projected to rise to 93 million which is double the population of Britain and there are 78 million homeless people in India. India ranks 124th in the world in per capita income and more than 3 lac children live in the streets of Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Kanpur, Bangalore and Hyderabad. 72% of rural population in the country have access to just one third hospital beds while 40% of rural population is landless. 40% drop out rate in India at elementary level.

How India has made the lives of Kashmiris deplorable and how it is conspiring against Pakistan through Baluchistan. Despite all these facts, still India talks about isolating Pakistan..huh…


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