Khalistan wants support…

Sikh community seeks diplomatic support from Pakistan for their Khalistan movement.

The Indian government had always been blaming Pakistan to cover up its state terrorism. Sikh separatist leader Mr. Amarjeet Singh said: “Why would Pakistan attack Indian forces, when the freedom struggle in Kashmir is getting stronger?” He asked Pakistan’s Government to change its diplomacy from being defensive to aggressive and help in Khalistan movement.

Indian minorities, including Sikhs and Muslims, are facing Government atrocities and now they are seeking diplomatic help from Pakistan. Thats why Amarjeet Singh says that talking about Kashmir at the UN is not enough, Pakistan should forcefully take up the case for independent Khalistan. As Pakistan is raising voice for Kashmir at intl forums, leaders of Khalistan and Junagadh want Pakistan to support them as well.

India need to focus on resolving separatist movements first before its too late. Instead of raising fingers on Pakistan, India should focus on itself. India might be a growing economic country for many but in reality, India has more than 300 separatist movements going along. Around 10 separatist movements are very active.

The seven states with active separatist groups seeking separation from the Union of India are Jammu and Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya and Nagaland. In Jammu & Kashmir, between 1989 and 2016, fatalities resulting from the violence between the Indian Army and separation-seeking groups stand at 94,466; civilians arrested 135,657, custodial killings 7,061, women gang-raped 10,283 and structures arsoned are 106,071.

India has already deployed one soldier for every 12 Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir. India has already martyred 94,466 Kashmiris. India cannot wish away the Kashmiri ambition to secede from the Union of India. Kashmir has no military solution but the plebiscite according to UN resolutions.

The only choice that India is left with is to divert global attention from the Kashmiri freedom struggle. That’s why now it talks about Balochistan instead of focusing on itself.


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