Modi’s failure again….

By doing propaganda of surgical strikes, India wants to divert attention of international community from the hard core issue of sub-continent i.e. Kashmir. With these tactics, Modi wants to divert international attention away from Kashmir

A slap in the face and a matter of fact statement from the Mr. Modi against his own army in which he admitted that it wasnt surgical strike. India can now go back to their drawing boards to cook up something new against Pakistan.

It is time Pakistan government should raise Khalistan issue in UN along with Kashmir issue. The Pakistani government is acting a bit silent on Indian move. It should also raise human rights violations of Indian Muslims and 330 million Dalits.

Why India denies UN access to Kashmir and raises Baluchistan issue at UN. Arrest of Kulbushan Yadav should be highlighted at UNGA session. Brahamdagh Bugti supported by NGOs run by ladies like so called baloch, etc ..With help of these India is spreading terrorism in Pakistan particularly in Baluchistan and Karachi. And now instead of accepting it, highlighting it in UN to divert internal suppression of human rights in India.

India want to divert world’s attention from Kashmir issue by spreading terrorism in Baluchistan. India must focus on establishing number of toilets in the country and separatist movements first. India have been hatching conspiracies to create doubts & misunderstandings among the provinces on CPEC.

The recent US state department statement is also a big slap on Modi. US respects the unity and territorial integrity of Pakistan and does not support independence for Balochistan

The government’s policy is that we support the territorial integrity of Pakistan and we do not support independence for Balochistan,” State Department Spokesman John Kirby told reporters at his press conference.

Baluchistan is integral part of Pakistan. Pakistan will not allow outsiders to decide the fate of our part. If there is any grievances there should only be solved within Pakistan. Being one of the major powers in intl. world, US positive statement over balochistan is enough to shut canines (India) mouth.



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