Gear Up Pakistani Media!

In current situation, when Pakistan is facing Indian aggression, our media need to be very aggressive and responding to the Indian media. Responsible reporting is turning out to be need of time today. The focus of Pakistani media doesnt seem to focus on countering negative propaganda of Pakistan.

No doubt, PTI’s dharna has taken the attention of media. News Channels only talk about politicians, Dharna and politics instead of showing brighter side of Pakistan.  We see less news about successeses of law enforcement agencies for their fight against terrorists and their activities.

It is very unfortunate that our  private media houses are not working according to national priorities. If we see the foreign media houses, each media house works according to national priority of its own homeland. They support their armed forces; they telecast their forces’ achievements again and again. On the other hand, this spirit lacks in our media.

Operation ZarbeAzb (that started on 15th June) is progressing successfully but our media has sidelined the ongoing operation and giving most of the coverage to other matters. Moreover, there have been successful raids and intelligence based operations (IBOs) which are not highlighted in media the way it should. 

Media needs to show more responsibility as it is the fourth pillar of the state and should boycott those black sheeps that are ruining the entire media industry. It is need of time to impose media ethics and PEMRA rules strictly. Indian dramas and movies should be banned. Our media houses need to learn patriotism from Indian media. They dont share news of insurgencies, make their army HERO for a common Indian. 

The more is the implementation of media ethics and rules, the more are the chances of growth of competent and reliable media for Pakistan. Media needs to realize that it has to play a role in current situation and it should spread positive message.


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