Why DAWN Why?

Yellow journalism is spoiling the image of Pakistan and its respectable institutions and few media houses have been working on it like a paid agenda. One of that media houses is DAWN, unfortunately.

It’s never expected from Dawn and why I am saying this…because of its founder…the founder Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Dawn looks like far away from the ideology, the approach, the thinking of its founder and its really very sad. 

Yesterday’s article by Cyril Almeida is one of those writings of Dawn that are based on just hypothetical assumptions. Comparing two Sharifs (Army Chief and Prime Minister) is not possible because both of them have different jobs to do. By using unnamed sources, dawn has started to malign Pakistan Army through its journalists like Almeida and it seems that it will not stop. 

Almeida’s Dawn article poses PM to be sidelined in foreign policy and the whole system is being run by Pakistan army which is totally wrong. Foreign policy is made by the Government; foreign visits of Army Chief to build military ties with Russia, Gulf states and other countries were professional visits and it has strengthen the country’s military ties. It seems as if DAWN is trying to create a rift between civil and military leadership of Pakistan.

The operation in Punjab is ongoing in co-operation with Punjab government. So by saying that ‘pindi boys have tried to muscle their way into Punjab’ is completely wrong. As far as militancy is concerned, civil-military leadership are on same page to crush terrorism from the country. 

The aim of Dawn looks like putting military under pressure during the CPEC project. Gossiping about new army chief and saying there will be U-turns in policies (without any logic) is not professional journalism. Moreover, this is indirectly helping India in ongoing media warfare. Spreading rumours about the defence institution will help the enemies.


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