The ongoing BRICS Conference has taken media’s attention. Although India is hosting a very important international conference at Goa, yet it is still spreading HATE throught their hate speeches..and its no one other than Modi who is doing this. India’s Prime minister Modi has called Pakistan Terror ‘Mothership’ at Brics Summit.

India has totally failed to get consensus on Pakistan as terrorist country as the world knows that Pakistan is fighting against terrorism through ZarbeAzb. The purpose of this hate speech seems to hide Indian atrocities in Kashmir. Indian leadership is desperately trying to hide its brutalities in Jammu and Kashmir.

The UN and OIC have already rejected Indian attempts to equate Kashmiris movement for self-determination with terrorism. He said the UN has repeatedly emphasized that people fighting for their self-determination cannot be categorized as terrorists by the occupying state.

India has no moral ground to even talk about counter-terrorism efforts let alone do the finger pointing. Modi’s two in-one policy of Pakistan i.e. bashing and keen to ‘counter/contain’ China is against reg cooperation and it’s bound to box India in a corner.

BRICS conference should have been the opportunity for India to prove itself The Greatest Democracy, it rather has shown its ugly side and alleged Pakistan for supporting terrorism. Modi should not forget that he was murderer of various Gujratis. His ruthless inhumane policies have Made the lives of Kahmiris deplorable, they have lost the hope.

100 days of curfew in Kashmir and still Indian atrocities are high in the sky, they have lost the humanity. How can Modi blame Pakistan for terrorism when it nurtures the terrorists to create chaos in Pakistan. Modi should go through the confession of Doval in a video in which he explained about how they create terrorists. Can modi answer why he doesn’t look after the issue of Khalistan where number of Sikhs hails to have a free state due to Indian atrocities? Why he is after Balochistan


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