Pakistan-Land of peace

Its good to be a patriot but this doesn’t mean that you put up false allegations against your neighbouring countries. I came across an article today by Brahma Challaney and was surprised to see the hatred for Pakistan filled in it.

I would like to reply Mr. Brahma that Pakistan is a responsible nuclear state. Even international organization IAEA says this. Pakistan’s nuclear program security is far better than India.

If really Pakistan was sponsoring terrorism than Pakistan wouldn’t had launched  operation ZarbeAzb. Operation ZarbEAzb was started two years ago on 15th June 2014 after Karachi Airport attack. Country wide operations, including Karachi operation and intelligence based operations were launched to remove sleeping cells of terrorists from urban areas. 168 combing operation have been conducted in a country.

Arrest of Kalbushan Yadav, RAW officer, from Balochistan was a great achievement of LEAs. Kalbushan’s network has been identified and across border interference has been confirmed.

Instead of raising fingers on Pakistan, India needs to realize what is the main reason behind protests and insurgency in Indian occupied Kashmir. It is because of atrocities of Indian forces that has forced Kashmiris to take stand.

Continuous human rights violation is behind violence in different states of India. India need to look inside itself instead of blaming Pakistan for its problems.


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