CPEC is reality…

Spreading rumours about Pak-China economic corridor (CPEC) can do nothing on its progress. The world is acknowledging the work of CPEC however our own media is declining to encourage this project. One of that media houses is DAWN, unfortunately.

I came across article by Syed Irfan Raza, published in DAWN and was surprised to see the author calling it an ‘East India Company’. Quoting sentences of senators from Senate Standing Committee’s meetings, author has tried to prove his point of view with respect to CPEC.

Senator Tahir Mashhadi, chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Planning and Development, said during the committee’s meeting that rights of people are not being protected in CPEC. Some other committee members raised the concern that the government was not protecting the rights and interests of the people.

Members of Jamaat-e-Islami were concerned about ignorance of KPK in CPEC. However, it is obvious that KPK and Balochistan will have major share in this. I wonder why there are so many ‘ifs and buts’ however there are none.

Gawadar port, the main centre of CPEC, is operational now. The first ship from China has arrived at Gawadar which proves the operational beginning of CPEC. The progress and development is not one day story, it will take time. We should wait for it instead of negatively criticizing the work.



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