N0 to Modi…..

Modi’s campaign to isolate Pakistan will not gain momentum. General Nicholas Patrick Carter, Chief of General Staff (CGS) UK Army has visited Pakistan and this shows that Pakistan cannot be isolated.

General Nicholas Carter, UK CGS visited North Waziristan yesterday. He was briefed on operation ZarbeAzb, dismantled terror infrastructure, TDP return and rehab. He was impressed by the success of operation. Moreover, Chief of General Staff United Kingdom General Sir Nicholas Patrick Carter has proclaimed Raheel Sharif as the best commander.

He added that since he had spent a lot of his time in Afghanistan, he did understand the nature of the task and the problem of the common threat of terrorism. “It is really inspiring how the Pakistan Army is consolidating its gains and bringing peace to this part of the region,” he added.

He also appreciated the way the Pakistan Army had been working for the repatriation of the temporarily displaced persons (TDPs) besides undertaking development projects. Homegrown militants and their foreign cohorts virtually held sway over North Waziristan until mid-June 2014 when the military mounted a massive operation, code-named Zarb-e-Azb, to drive them out of their stronghold. UK hails Pakistan’s ‘significant sacrifices’ in combating terror.

Pakistan has made significant sacrifices in opposing terrorism. Pakistan stands with the world in combating terror. Modi’s campaign to isolate Pakistan is going to fail….


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