Dear politicians! be confident…

It is very sad to see that Pakistani politicians some how or the other keep on dragging army into politics. Whether it is ‘dharna’ or any other political protest/issue, our politicians start chanting that army should intervene.

The political temperature in Pakistan is increasing these days because of upcoming PTI’s dharna in beginning of November. The recent statement of Imran Khan with respect to military intervention is quite disappointing. This creates negative impression among people as if Army or agencies are backing Imran Khan and PTI however this is so not true.

Politicians should be confident enough to have impact on people for their protests instead of using name of Army. Why dont we own Pakistan army …politicians show this prestigious institutions as an alien entity however this institution has shown and served people more than any institution and politicians.

Another example is the release of false information to dawn by ruling party wrt army that army pressurizes Prime minister and has taken hold of foreign policy.

Our country is facing terrorism and crisis and we should keep our army away from politics. Politicians and Government should do its own work and let army do its…The country will progress if all institutions do their work in their own limits.


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