Dharna, Dharna….

The announcement of DHARNA by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf chief Imran Khan has increased the political temperature of Pakistan. The PTI chief already did dharna 2 years back but still no lesson learnt by Government from that.

PTI has announced dharna in Islamabad on 2nd November while the hearing of Panama leaks case is just a day before it. The stiff attitude of leadership of PMLN, corruption, and irresponsibility of the government that is leading people towards protests.

The case of Model town massacres is still pending, the implementation of National national plan(NAP) is not complete. Government is not working according to will of people.

The flexible attitude of Government and political maturity could have solved this issue but SIGH…..

The leadership of PMLN should realize their mistakes. Using their social media team to spread rumours to malign Pakistan army is another big mistake that PMLN is doing. Recent story by Dawn’s Cyril Almeida is proof of how irresponsibly false information is being fed to journalists.

Gossiping about new chief of army staff and saying there will be U-turns in policies (without any logic) is not professionalism. Moreover, this is indirectly helping India in ongoing media warfare. Spreading rumours about the defense institution will help the enemies.

Another big mistake of PMLN Government is not timely responding to India. India has violated LoC and created propaganda against Pakistan about the surgical strike. We see silence from Government but there was befitting response from Pakistan army.

Pro-India policy by Govt should end. PMLN leadership should realize and resolve its mistakes in order to avoid ‘protests’ that are not only going to have negative impact on PMLN itself but also on Pakistan.


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