RAW behind the Quetta attack?

Yesterday’s Quetta attack on police academy was an alarm for both Government as well as law enforcement agencies. more than sixty police cadets lost their lives and more than hundred got injured. Indeed, this is a big loss of the nation.

Some how or the other this attack seems to be indirect invasion by India on Quetta. The source of operation of RAW is Indian consulates of Afghanistan, which need to end. Pakistan is hosting millions of Afghan refugees since decades. Afghans need to realize the services of Pakistan for Afghans and should finish the terrorist netowrk working in Afghanistan against Pakistan and this region.

Pakistan is facing terrorism for more than a decade and the main reason is that laws are not implemented, terrorists were not hanged..now we have military courts but our judiciary need to be more efficient and active. Another reason is the soft attitude of Government towards RAW agents that are arrested by law enforcement agencies (LEAs). One big example is Kulbushan Yadav who has accepted RAW plans and their execution in Balochistan. The soft corner for these agents is questionable..why Government is not hanging these foreign agents?

The main target of attacks in Balochistan is to sabotage the Pak-China Economic Corridor and to make the world think that Balochistan is in war and CPEC cannot work. However, the preparations of CPEC work is almost complete and the first ship of China has reached Gawadar. Army is protecting CPEC and it will ensure the development in Balochistan.



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