Maryam Nawaz-The Traitor!

The time when this nation needs unity nd to be strong enough as it is facing challenges of terrorism and cross border attacks, our own politicians are maligning national security institutions. Release of false information to dawn by ruling party with respect to army is a blunder dpne by PMLN. The Dawn’s Cyril Almeida story claimed that army pressurizes Prime minister and has taken hold of foreign policy.

Master Mind behind this Cyril’s issue is Maryam Nawaz, daughter of Prime minister Nawaz Sharif. The stunt PMLN played recently, to get rid of Cyril’s issue, is by sacking Information minister Pervaiz Rasheed. This tactics is meant to save PM’s daughter Maryam Nawaz.

There is news that Maryam Nawaz made 8 viber calls to Cyril Almeida before the publication of Dawn’s story which is a clear proof of  her involvement in leaking false information to Cyril.

Sympathies for former information minsiter Pervaiz Rasheed who has been used as scapegoat while the real conspirator is still sitting in PM House. Saturday’s press conference of Chaudhry Nisar was meant to talk about this issue but he was afraid to name the real culprit behind this conspiracy. He failed to leave any good impression or gesture in his presser. If you people have noticed the press conference carefully, you would have noticed that he left Press Conference when journalists asked him about involvement of PM’s daughter in Security Leaks.

Maryam Nawaz is funding her social media team from our own tax money and using it to malign our own Pakistan Army. This question needs to be raised in assembly and infront of PM that why Maryam’s political SM team is being funded from public’s tax money.

Parvaiz Rasheed is being sacrificed for Prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his family although the real culprits are Maryam Nawaz and her Social Media Team.


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