Panama Leaks & Punjab Police

The ongoing protests by PTI are proof of incompetency of Government and ruling party PMLN. Currently, almost all problems faced today by Pakistan are because of endemic corruption led by Pakistan’s prime minister Nawaz Sharif, unfortunately, and his family.

The central point of that corruption that is faced by this nation today is Maryam Nawaz Sharif. Either its panama leaks or it is Dawn’s Cyril Almeida false story,  the queen of all is no other than corrupt’s beloved Panama Queen Maryam Nawaz Sharif.

All eyes were on Supreme court last day, let’s see how it is fair to the nation and how it will be justified in making elites accountable for corruption they did of tax payers money. Nawaz Sharif lawyer still asking time to submit answer on Panama case? Chief justice and bench asked “why are you playing delay tactics?”

Nawaz Sharif should know that today’s Pakistan is well informed, people are aware of their rights and they will not bear to be ruled by a monarch anymore. He has been fiddling around for so many years and now it is time to make him accountable for all the monetary assets he possesses

He should have let the peaceful protest to be continued instead of creating violence in federal capital, he is proving that he is guilty of corrupting the entire political system. This is a clear sign that PMLN is actually paving the way for a violent revolution.

Current Government is perfect example of worst kind of dictatorship. It is very unfortunate that Nawaz Sharif Government doesnot represent the people of Pakistan, but their own interests like they are doing in Panama leaks.

The brutality of Punjab police is obvious in recent protests. The way police used shells and tortured the protesters needs to be discouraged.   These acts of government show that they are corrupt and don’t want to let their government fall.


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