Dawn Gate story-damaging Pakistan

There is ‘National Security Breach’ by the Prime Minister Nawaz and his brother Shahbaz Sharif. Sharifs and Zardaris are corrupt politicians and will never hesitate a single moment to crucify law enforcement agencies either it is any breach within the armed forces or security institutions.

The issue of Dawn News propaganda story by Cyril Almeida against Pakistan’s national interests is not helping Pakistan. Those who are responsible for this national security breach should be arrested and should be put on trial without any delay. The indecisive approach against corruption mafia is fueling the confidence of criminal mafia gangs.

Unfortunately, our prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his party PMLN are helping out Indian interests and is trying to play Modi’s games. There are number of occasions when Nawaz Sharif damaged the interests of Pakistan at national and international stages. He and his cronies have humiliated the armed forces of Pakistan and ISI countless times to please the Indians. The whole Sharif empire is built on his corruption.

The constant hurdles created by the political leadership of MQM-A, PPP Zardari Group, PML-N Ishaq Dar Group are putting lives and limbs at risk of security services, police and soldiers, who are fighting foreign backed agents and terrorists in Pakistan especially Karachi. All the three parties in power have proved links and interests with foreign agencies and countries. Crimes of MQM-A are heinous and there is no excuse for any politician to ignore the pains and grief they have caused to the families of journalists, religious scholars, students, police, army, and rangers personals.

Coming back to same point of Dawn’s Cyril story, Dawn-Gate is a conspiracy of few people against Army and law enforcement agencies in which daughter of PM Nawaz (Maryam Nawaz) and her social media cellis involved. There is leaked report of viber call of Maryam Nawaz with Cyril Almeida before release of dawn story. People like Khwaja Asif and Pervaiz Rasheed.

Maryam Nawaz and PMLN breach on national security is covered by resignation of Information Minister Khwaja Asif. This face saving cannot be denied by the fact that PMLN has done conspiracy against our army.


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